Sleep MP3




Sleep  – MP3 Download by Louise Bates – Running time 30.00 mins.

Bedtime is a time when we start to slow down and relax. This is usually when we start to notice all the thoughts in our head. During the day we are too busy to notice them but at night they come to the surface when we start to relax. It is difficult to get to sleep when your mind is full of thoughts and the more you try to get to sleep the more difficult it becomes.

This MP3 takes you away from your thoughts and helps you to focus your mind on relaxing.

Listen to this MP3 each night as you get into bed. After a few nights your mind will recognise that it is time to relax and you will fall asleep a lot sooner.

The recording lasts for 30 minutes and the volume decreases as you fall deeper and deeper into a restful sleep.

To get the full benefit, listen to this download at bedtime, ideally after a relaxing bath. The more relaxed you are as you get ready for bed the better your chances are of falling into a deep, restful sleep. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking at this time.

Note: After downloading simply right click and save to your computer desktop. See our “Download Support page for more details – it’s really easy!