Reflexology is a therapeutic foot massage that aids relaxation and rebalances the body. It revolves around the understanding that there are reflex points on the feet that relate to the structure and function to various parts of the body. Applying pressure to these reflexes using gentle massage may influence the state of the body in many ways. This treatment generally restores the body to a better state so improving physical well being and it is safe for all ages.

REFLEXOLOGY 60 mins – £45.00  

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Potential benefits of reflexology:
• Reduces stress levels
• Improves circulation
• Brings profound relaxation
• Lowers blood pressure
• Balances emotions
• Strengthens immune system
• Supports positive change
• Helps decrease or remove physical pain
• Calms the anxious and chattering mind
• Helps to cleanse the body of toxins
• Strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself
• Healing for the mind, body & spirit
• Rebalances chakras
• Unblocks and energises the subtle energy field
• A sense that the whole body is better balanced
Plantar Fasciitis
Athletes Foot

Reflexology massage

How often should I have a treatment?

For general relaxation and rebalance, Reflexology is ideal as a one off treatment however, regular monthly sessions are recommended. For long term problems, weekly sessions are recommended.

For my Reflexology treatments I use Penny Price Reflexology foot cream and essential oils. I also use crystals during your treatment placing them on or around your body. Crystals complement Reflexology by helping to support the even flow of energy in and around your body. Not only will you benefit from the Reflexology treatment, but adding crystals and essential oils enhances the session making your treatment a truly unique experience.

Reflexology map


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, in order to stimulate corresponding areas of the body. The intention is to promote balance and harmony within the body’s various systems – from the digestive and reproductive systems to the respiratory and circulatory ones. Practitioners believe that reflexology can help to alleviate stress, reduce pain, and improve overall well-being. 

(Why not add a 20-minute treatment to your booking for an extra £10? Choose between a mini head massage, or mini reiki. Please ask for this when booking for me to allocate the right amount of treatment time.)


“I have experienced Reflexology and Reiki with Louise at Heathcote Holistics when recovering from invasive hospital treatment. On each occasion she has been professional, highly skilled and caring. This has meant that I benefited hugely from each treatment. I am aware that Louise has a very wide skill set which also includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and in which she has considerable experience. Should I encounter any health or emotional problems in the future I now know where to go for expert support”. P.D. Kenilworth

“I feel rejuvenated, relaxed and recharged after one of your lovely relaxing treatments….it’s good for your soul, its good for your mind, its just so GOOD. I would have a treatment every week if I lived nearer.” E.W. Birmingham

“Reflexology is extremely relaxing and I always struggle to stay awake during treatments. (This is very surprising as I don’t normally like my feet being touched). The massage is very firm yet soothing and feels like a real treat. Since I have been going for regular sessions my general health has definitely improved.” L.R. Harbury

“Since having regular reflexology treatments with Louise my anxiety levels have almost disappeared. It is an amazing therapy that leaves me feeling so relaxed and calm. Everyone should try this!”  S.A. Southam

“Louise put me at ease straight away. She is very knowledgeable and clearly, loves making people feel better. I suffer periodically with migraines but after a course of treatments with Louise, my symptoms were considerably improved as well as my general stress levels – a happy unexpected improvement!” D.M. Stratford upon Avon

Please note: Reflexology is not a substitute for conventional medicine. It is a very gentle healing system which helps to support and enhance other forms of treatment.