Space Clearing

Space clearing is a ceremony that can be done to clear and refresh the energies that become imprinted over time in the buildings we occupy.

Aura Mist dislpay

The vibration of whatever happens in a room or home is absorbed into the furniture, the floors, the walls, the ceiling, objects, animals, plants and people in that space and the energy of this vibration sticks around. Repetitive patterns, moods and atmospheres all get deeply imprinted and this can have an on-going influence whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

My treatment room is constantly being energetically cleansed with essential oils, incense, crystals and sometimes I give it another boost with my home made room spray Aura Mist. You can purchase Aura Mist spray for £15 from my Etsy shop here. I also regularly cleanse the rest of my home energetically to keep the energy fresh. It is very important to have a good flow of clear, high vibrational energy in your home and work place for your own health and well-being.

Have you ever walked into a room after there has been an argument? Your expanded senses can feel and measure the residual energies where the air is so thick you could “cut it with a knife”. This energy is easy to pick up because it so heavy but there are other more subtle energies around that are more difficult to pick up.

If the previous occupants of a building or your home had financial problems, illness, divorce or other traumas, or a company or business experienced difficulties, heavy energies will remain stuck in the fabric of the place.

Benefits of space clearing your home/business/car/garden/treatment room/clinic etc.

· Raises the vibration and creates an atmosphere of calm.
· Your space will feel bigger, brighter and a place that truly feels your own.
· Creates a space to make a new start or clean slate.
· Improves sleep and general well-being.
· Clears emotional residue.

When to do space clearing?

· When moving into a new home or work space to clear out any predecessor’s energy. (Your home or place of work may have energetic remains from all the previous people that were there and depending on the age of the place, this could be from decades or even centuries)

· When selling your house so it welcomes a new buyer (also renting).

· After illness to create a healthy environment.

· After negative visitors (especially energy vampires!).

· After an argument or any emotional upset.

· Before the birth of a child to create a welcoming space.

· After a major negative life changing event.

How to do a space clearing ceremony.

(Ideally do this when you are on your own and at a time when you will not be disturbed)

  1. Before starting any energetic space clearing you need to de-clutter and physically clean the area first.
  2. Open all the windows and doorways.
  3. Set your intention to cleanse and energise the area to create a high vibrational atmosphere. You could write down your positive intentions or say them out loud.
  4. Ask the angels, guides or other high vibrational beings to help you, if this feels right for you.
  5. Light a white tea candle in each area you are working in.
  6. Using incense, walk into each area and allow the incense smoke to drift into every corner and doorway. Visualise a bright light in each area as you go.
  7. If you invited angels, guides or other high vibrational beings in to help, thank them for their help when you have finished space clearing and send them your love.

Do this full space clearing ceremony at least once a year or sooner if you experience a major life changing event. You can purchase a Space Clearing pack from my Etsy shop here.

If you prefer to not use incense you can use bells, ting sha’s, cymbals, drums and singing bowls for space clearing. If you use these instruments it is important to sound them especially in the corners, doorways and the centre of the area. The vibration of the sound will resonate out like ripples on a pond and transmute any heavy energy into high vibrational energy.

To help keep this space cleared you can use crystals. Amethyst crystal is an extremely powerful and protective crystal prized for its beauty, healing and spiritual properties but there are many different crystals you may choose to suit your own individual needs. You can leave them out like ornaments or create a grid effect.

Space Clearing

Burning essential oils is a very natural and enjoyable way of filling your space with a beautiful aroma. Pure essential oils have the highest frequency of any measured natural substance and the essence of this will help your space stay fresher for longer.

Place lavender plants outside by your front and back doors. Lavender is a plant spirit medicine that exudes the qualities of love, peace and calm. It is a very protective and nurturing plant which will infuse your space with the essence of its qualities.

Regular cleanses help to protect your environment and this can be done using my Aura Mist  spray. It is a quick and easy way to energetically cleanse any space, objects, crystals, animals and people.