Healing Sound Instruments

What Are Sound Healing Instruments?

Most sound healing instruments are tuned to specific frequencies that induce well-being. Each instrument also has its own unique quality depending on how it is made and what it is made of.

The instruments I use in my sound meditation classes include:

Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The enchanting secret of the Tibetan singing bowls lies in the making. They are made from seven different metals: gold, tin, silver, iron, mercury, lead and copper. Each bowl is hand made and good intentions and healing mantras are imprinted into them during the process. When the bowls are played, the vibrations from these good intentions and healing mantras are released, and you will absorb them. The effectiveness of using positive intentions is very important in sound therapy. Thoughts and intentions also have their own vibration and positive ones are more likely to bring about a good outcome. Never underestimate the power of good intentions – the meaning behind our actions can be just as important as the results of those actions.

Crystal Singing Bowls.

Crystal singing bowls are made from 99.9 percent crushed quartz crystal which is heated under high temperatures and formed into different bowl shapes.

The vibrational frequencies of sound healing crystal bowls have the ability to move through the skin, fluid, and bones of the body, creating a full body relaxation and recalibration down to the level of the cellular structure. Like a stone that is dropped into water, the sound vibrations can radiate through our bodies. The experience creates an environment of resonance within the body which feels like a sonic massage.


The sound of a gong helps the brain to reach deep relaxation. The frequencies cause the brain, heart, and respiratory rates to slow down and increase the release of the body’s feel-good hormones that are linked to feelings of well-being. We tend to reach these states during daydreaming or deep sleep, and they are known to aid relaxation, creativity, and natural healing.

Wind Chimes

My wind chimes are tuned to Solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies are believed to profoundly affect the conscious and subconscious mind in order to stimulate healing and promote well-being.

Rain Stick

Have you ever sat inside on a rainy day and listened to the rain beat against the window? There is something very calming and comforting about the sound of rain which is why rain sticks are used in many sound therapy sessions. It can slow your pulse, calm your breathing and lower your heart rate.

Ocean Drum

The ocean drum is an incredibly magical instrument that replicates the sound of the sea. It instantly recreates the soothing sounds of both rolling and crashing waves. The relaxing effect that the ocean sounds have on you is due to something called, acoustic camouflage. This is a passive sound that drowns out a lot of other noises and distractions. It helps you to clear your mind of anxieties and other pressing concerns.


I love my flummi’s. They make the most incredible haunting whale noises when played on the gong. They create a mystical atmosphere and it feels like the whales are not far away. The spiritual energy of whales teaches you about listening to your inner voice, understanding the impact your emotions have on you, and following your own truth. It has been proved that whales show love, empathy, and grief and that family is immensely important to them. Whale meanings and symbolism include magnificence, communication, music, protection, gratitude, wisdom and transformation. The sound the flummi’s create helps you to connect to this energy.

Shruti Box

The shruti box is a hand-pumped Indian drone instrument that traditionally works on a system of bellows. The sound creates a mesmerising steady tone for a myriad of uses including sound healing, meditation, and chanting. Each note corresponds to a chakra, colour, planet, body part, and more. Your brain will automatically tune into the healing frequencies through the phenomena of brainwave entrainment and sympathetic resonance. My shuti box is a low G which creates a deep resonance that can be felt within the body. It has hypnotic frequencies that calm the mind leading you into a dreamy state.

Shamanic Drum

Rhythmical drumming helps to release anxiety, stress, and depression. It is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Shamanic drumming is used in ancient ceremonies to induce a state of trance.

These are the main instruments I currently use but I am looking to add more as time goes by.

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