Release Your Inner Healer MP3




Release Your Inner Healer MP3 Download by Louise Bates – Running time 37:15 mins.

This MP3 is another popular choice. When we heal ourselves first, this resonates out into the world and creates a wave of healing.

This is 37 minutes of pure healing. It also contains subliminal messages of well-being which can be just heard underneath the music. This is intended for your unconscious mind to absorb while your conscious mind is taken on a journey of positive healing.

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and the images that you form in your mind influence how your body works. Allow your thoughts, emotions and images in your mind to affect your body in a positive way with the help of this guided relaxation.

This helps you to focus on seeing, feeling and experiencing the positive aspects of your health which can lead to dynamic physical changes.

Sit back or lay back and absorb the healing vibrations from this recording, enjoy!


I was recently diagnosed with a serious illness which left me in a state of panic. I downloaded this track to help me focus on healing. Listening to this recording helps me to focus my mind on getting better and it really helps to put me in a relaxed place. I listen to it at bedtime because I find that is when my head wants to start thinking of all the negatives. It’s been a godsend, thank you. 

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