Meet Your Guardian Angel MP3




Meet Your Guardian Angel MP3 Download by Louise Bates – Running time 21:38 mins.

You are surrounded by angels 24/7 and everyone has the ability to connect with them. You don’t need to be religious, gifted or psychic and you don’t need to be in a place of worship, wear purple clothes or own any special jewellery. The secret is to go within. Turn off your mobile phone, TV, computer and find somewhere quiet. It could be your garden, kitchen, car or any place you won’t get disturbed. Listen to the peace and feel the stillness. Close your eyes for a moment, breathe deeply, and feel their presence. If you still can’t sense the angels, keep practising. They want to make their presence known to you because they want to be involved in your life.

You can ask the angels for help or just tell them your worries. Acknowledging their presence is the first step but you may not experience them straight away. They may come in as a thought, a gentle touch or they may come as a sensation or an inner knowing.

You can invite them into your dreams by writing them a letter and placing it under your pillow.

Look out for signs around you like white feathers. These are the angels calling cards and if you find one in an unusual place that is a sign. They are usually white and very fluffy.

Also, become aware the next time you turn on your radio. What are the first words you hear? Is that a message for you? What song is playing?

Butterflies signify transformation and I always feel the angels are near whenever I see one. I also love cloud gazing and I quite often see feather or heart shaped clouds.

Have you ever heard your name being called and thought you imagined it?

Have you ever seen a beam of light that you cannot explain? Lights in the corner of your eye and orbs on photographs are also said to be angelic energy. These are all signs that the angels are close by.

Download this relaxation track and enjoy the journey which brings you into harmony with the spiritual aspects of your being.  Relax and connect with the angels, enjoy!


A truly divine experience! Thank you. L.P. Essex

I love this MP3. I have always believed in angels and this recording helps me to really feel them around me. I look forward to listening to more of your recordings. Many thanks, C.R. Germany

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