Energy Set – £8.00 + £2.00 p&p




Energy Set

This set is ideal to use during any healing work. (A great set for a therapists tool-kit)

This set includes 6 Amethyst quartz points, one Pyrite cube and information sheet.

AMETHYST QUARTZ POINTS Potential benefits.
Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective crystal prized for its beauty, healing and spiritual properties. It is a natural tranquilliser which enhances higher states of consciousness with strong healing and cleansing properties. It is very gentle for people with sensitive energy fields and excellent for clearing the aura. Energy can be directed by pointing the crystals towards or away from the body.

PYRITE CUBE (Healers gold) Potential benefits.
Pyrite enhances intelligence, mental stability, memory, psychic development and creativity. Helps to treat physical burnout and provides powerful protection and grounding.