Distance Healing MP3




Distance Healing MP3 Download by Louise Bates – Running time 27:56 mins.

When someone close to you becomes ill, it is normal to feel worried and anxious but worry is a misuse of the imagination.

Distance healing is a simple, effective way to help you use your imagination in a constructive way by sending positive thoughts and images to someone even if they live miles away.

All that is required is positive intent and a sincere desire to focus on physical, spiritual or mental healing for that person. Although the person you are sending distance healing to is not physically present during this remote work, they may feel significant shifts in their energies. This also helps to take you from a low vibration of worry and anxiety to a high vibration of positivity so giving you health benefits too.

Follow this guided journey to help you send distance healing to someone you know.

Before you start this healing meditation, light a candle and think about the person you intend to send healing to. Write the name of the person you would like to send distance healing to on a piece of paper and place this near your heart centre. Having a personal item of clothing or jewellery or holding a photograph of this person also helps to strengthen the connection.

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