Colour Relaxation MP3

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Colour Relaxation MP3 Download by Louise Bates – Running time 20:56 mins.

This holistic relaxation takes you on a guided journey to your inner stillness.

Relaxation is perhaps the most important key to health and well-being. When we are completely relaxed, our own natural healing mechanism is more active.

The benefits of relaxation include reduced stress levels, strengthened immune system, it helps to over come anxiety and depression and it can also help to lower heart rates and blood pressure.

This download incorporates colour therapy which aims to balance and enhance the body’s energy centres/chakras by using the colours of the light spectrum to stimulate the body’s own healing system.

This relaxation also strengthens your imagination and ability to visualise. This helps you to focus on the guided message on the recording which prevents your mind from wandering off.

Take some time out…..settle down into a comfortable position either sitting or lying down….and enjoy!

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