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Healing Water


How much water do you drink every day?

The adult human body is around 60% water, with the brain being 75% water and the lungs nearly 90%. The blood is made up of a large percentage of watery serum. The lymph fluids which transport waste and nutrients around are made from the water we consume and every cell in our body owes its life to an adequate supply of fresh water. When the body does not receive a reliable supply of fresh water it has to ration what is available and cut back on certain functions.

Imagine your body is like a small pond. When you drink fresh water regularly you may pee more but your body is well hydrated and fresh. When you don’t drink enough your body becomes like a stagnant pond. This can have a negative effect on your body making your urine more concentrated, creating headaches and possibly other health issues too.

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Glastonbury Water

A Trip To Glastonbury

This month I went to Glastonbury with Bill (my hubby) for our annual trip. No, not the music festival, although we would love live music, we don’t do muddy fields, wellies and camping.

We usually go in the spring or autumn when it’s quiet and we always have amazing weather.

This year was no exception.

We visited Chalice Well to collect more water for my ‘Aura Mist’ sprays and then spent time just sat in the garden chatting, listening to the birds and watching people walk up the Tor. Everyone we met greeted us with a smile and a kind word. This sacred place brings out the best in people. Why can’t people be like this in Tesco’s or on the M25?

After some tree hugging, we spent the rest of our time looking in the many New Age shops. Everything from books, crystals, singing bowls, meditation tools, angels, faeries, vegetarian cafes, it’s all there from the magical to the very weird and wonderful.

Bill bought me a chunk of sedimentary rock with cubes of pyrite crystals embedded in it. Who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Pyrite is commonly known as fool’s gold but to crystal therapists, it is known as healer’s gold as it helps dissipate physical exhaustion. Something I would need after this weekend.

Live Music!

Seeing Steve Knightley in concert one evening was a much needed break for Bill who is a very down to earth grounded blokey bloke. He keeps my feet firmly on the ground but he also shares my love of all things alternative.


Our hotel was haunted and freezing cold but we had an amazing few days spending quality time together. We returned to Leamington with our new books, crystals and Buddha statue for the garden feeling………. knackered!

Now, where’s that pyrite cube crystal?

Love & light to you all xx

Leamington Spa Water

My First Ever Blog!

Hey, look at me getting all 21st century and starting a blog! It just seemed like the next thing to do after joining Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Although I don’t understand what Linkedin is all about.
Why am I doing this? Well, I don’t want to get left behind in this technological world of communication and isn’t everyone doing this now? And I love sharing information.

I work as a Complementary Therapist in Leamington Spa, a beautiful town in Warwickshire. The “Spa” part of the name “Leamington Spa” comes from ‘medicinal’ spa waters around which the town developed.

Leamington has drawn many people here over the years for its water and I feel that because of this, it has its own healing vortex. This could be why there are so many Healers and Therapists in the area?

The mineral springs were known about in the Middle Ages, but it was not until 1784 that the inhabitants re-discovered its saline springs and started building baths around them. Loved by the Victorians, these waters were widely publicised to have healing properties. It was claimed to cure, or relieve, a huge number of disorders including, stiffness of the tendons, the effects of gout and rheumatism and various paralytic conditions.

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