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Law of Attraction

My Vision Board

In 2006 I saw a film called ‘The Secret’.

This film is based on the ‘Law of Attraction’ and claims that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health and happiness.

The film is also a book written by Rhonda Byrne and it has transformed many lives of the people who have taken the ‘Law of Attraction’ concept on board.

I was studying Crystal Therapy at the time and it was our Tutor that suggested we watch the film. We were learning about the ‘The Law of Vibration’ and how everything in the universe is in motion. All things move, vibrate and travel in circular motions and each thing that exists is identified by its own number of oscillations, vibrations or waves.

Now, I’m no Quantum Scientist, but this film made all the science much easier to understand. Like attracts like, just like magnets, high fibrational frequencies are attracted to other high vibrational frequencies the same as low fibrational frequencies are attracted to other low fibrational frequencies. It’s as simple as that! ‘The Law Of Attraction’ is an easy way of explaining ‘The Law of Vibration’.

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