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Twelve months ago, we said goodbye to our son Matthew, and our worlds changed forever. This blog is not about how difficult this last year has been because that would be impossible to put into words. Instead, I am going to share how this painful experience has taught me that love always shines through.

I have survived the first Christmas without Matthew. Also, the first New Year, the first Easter, the first Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and holidays. Although I know it is still early days, I am able to sense the transformation twelve months on.

It has been a long and heart-breaking journey but I am learning to laugh again, have fun, and enjoy my life, because I if I don’t, I will be letting Matthew down. I keep reminding myself how Matthew coped with everything that was thrown at him and how he used to say, “Mum, if I can get through this, then so can you”.

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