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The Emotional Scale

The emotional scale consists of a list of words that describe human emotions. Positive emotions like gratitude, appreciation, love, optimism, contentment and forgiveness are at the top of the scale and negative emotions like shame, hurt, guilt, jealousy and grief are at the bottom.

The physical body is made up of trillions of cells which all vibrate and the higher the vibration the healthier the cells.

The understanding is that positive emotions like love, gratitude and appreciation help the cells to vibrate at a higher frequency creating well-being within the body and negative emotions like anger, envy and hate make the cells vibrate at a lower rate which over a long period of time may cause dis-ease within the physical body.

In the holistic world, we believe we are the sum total of everything we eat, drink and think and it is common knowledge that a healthy diet and lifestyle has an affect on our health and well-being but our emotional health is equally important.

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