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Culbone Church

Only WE could get lost on a coastal path!

Here we were, on our way to visit an ancient spiritual temple, in the middle of a wood, on the side of a cliff and Bill decides to get his iphone out.

Culbone Church
Bill lost without an internet connection

The lady in Porlock information office said it was about a 40 minute walk but we had been walking for over an hour.”We can use this” he exclaimed! “it has a GPS'”
But to his dismay, there wasn’t any signal.
We were doomed!

Just then we saw the church through the trees.

It was like going back hundreds of years. Civilization was at least an hour away and this was not a good place to have a heart attack. My body felt the relief immediatly at the sight of this ancient site. Maybe it was the healing energy of the place or maybe it was just the relief that I didn’t have to walk up any more muddy hills. Next time I am going to get some nordic walking poles. Everyone round here seems to have them.

Culbone Church is a little gem which is hidden away on the North Devon coast between Porlock and Lynmouth and visiting this place was the highlight of my week away.

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