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Essences And Sprays

As a child, I used to love making my own perfumes and I would spend many hot summer days collecting rose petals and other flowers for the recipe. It was great fun adding the water, bottling them up and then designing the labels.

When I started to make my own brand of ‘Aura Mist’ sprays the memories came flooding back and I felt like a child again. I felt excited and carefree and I allowed my intuitive mind to guide me during the whole process. You can buy ‘Aura Mist’ from my website or why not make your own? Here is a basic recipe.

Aura cleanse recipe
You will need:

· 50ml glass bottle
· Rose quartz crystal
· Amethyst crystal
· Lavender essential oil
· Frankincense essential oil
· Flower petals (optional)
· Teaspoon of brandy or vodka (preservative)
· Water – preferably from a sacred well, spring or brook (The vibrational quality of spring or spa water is perfect for making essences and sprays because as the water travels underground it picks up minerals and energy from the earth.)

Add the water, crystals and flower petals into a glass. The glass can be placed in a crystal grid, add symbols or burn incense if you like. Leave outside in a peaceful place while the vibration of the ingredients absorbs into the water. Working intuitively you will know when this is done.

Pour the water into the bottle adding a few drops of the essential oils and the preservative and your essence is ready. Shake the bottle well before use.

To cleanse your aura put a few drops in your hands, rub your hands together and then bring your hands up to your nose and inhale the aroma. This takes the vibration of the essence into your lungs where it is then absorbed into every cell in your body. Next, waft your hands around your aura from head to toe and this will clear any negativity in your energy field.

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The Aura

The people from ancient cultures knew and understood that beyond its physical form, the human body has a pulsating, dynamic field of energy called the Aura.

The Aura is an area of protection that we all possess and some people refer to it as their personal space or energy field.

This invisible bubble of energy that surrounds the physical body can change in size and colour depending on how we feel. When we talk about good or bad vibes we are picking up on the vibration of other energies.

When our personal space is invaded without invitation we feel uncomfortable and irritated and when anything comes too close for comfort we automatically pull back and our personal space shrinks. When we are feeling happy and relaxed our personal space expands.

There is something very mystical about the Aura, human energy field or personal space. Our bodies are constantly processing chemical and electrical changes and this generates a field of energy which radiates outside the physical body. These include electrostatic, magnetic and thermal components.

We also have numerous Chakras throughout the body. The word ‘Chakra’ means ‘Wheel’. The Chakras allow energy to flow from one part of the body to another and as with all things in our reality, they are linked to sound, light and colour. Imbalances within the Chakras can be caused by negative thought patterns, environmental pollutants, trauma, bad dietary habits, addictive substances or even stress and poor breathing techniques.

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