Salt Therapy

This month I visited Little Himalaya in Kenilworth, Warwickshire after I had noticed by chance their advert in the local newspaper.

Little Himalaya is an alternative health centre which opened in November 2016 which aims to provide salt therapy to those with respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Emphysema etc.

Salt therapy is also known as halotherapy.

Halotherapy is the use of inhaled salt in minute quantities as a natural therapy for respiratory ailments. It has long been known that salt exhibits strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

I knew a little bit about the salt caves in Poland and Russia and I was intrigued about the health benefits especially as I had developed asthma a couple of years ago, so to find this practically on my door step I had to take a look. An additional health benefit of Halotherapy has been found to significantly improve many common skin problems. (Swimming in salt water is especially good for some skin conditions so this made total sense to me).

Unfortunately, the alternative health centre was quite hard to find. I parked in Station Road and walked up and down half a dozen times. I asked passers by, including a couple who had lived in Station Road for over 30 years and they did not know about it. I phoned the centre and explained that I could not find them but it went straight onto their answer phone. By now I had become quite wheezy from running up and down Station Road.

I have a phobia about being late and I was starting to panic at this point. I know how annoying it can be when clients do not turn up on time or miss their appointments and I hate letting people down. Just then a young girl waved to me. She had picked up my answer phone message and come looking for me. I felt quite foolish but when I pointed out there was no sign she agreed it was quite hard to find.

Once inside, you can feel the newness. Everywhere is pristine and very welcoming and it smells divine.

I filled out a consultation form and was asked to put some plastic coverings over my shoes and then shown into the salt room.

It is a large room with 6 reclining chairs and 2 soft reclining beds and I had it all to myself. The floor is covered in pink salt and the walls have blocks of salt embedded in them. The lights are dimmed and a gentle mist enters the room through a vent. The young girl explained how it worked and what to expect and it didn’t take long for me to relax. They play sounds into the room and I could hear the ocean and the occasional seagulls.

I think I was in the room for approximately 45 minutes but it was as if time stood still because I drifted in and out of dreamy relaxation.

When the lights came on and the door opened, I knew it was time to leave. The first thing I noticed was my breathing seemed much lighter and the wheeziness that I arrived with had completely disappeared.

The first session is free which is amazingly generous of them. Then each session costs £30 but if you book a block of sessions you can make a good saving.

I recommend you try this especially if you have any respiratory conditions. I will definitely be going back for a course of treatments in the New Year, especially now I know where it is.

(Apparently, since writing this blog, they now have a sign so it will be easier to find)

If you are interested in booking telephone: 01926 257364

Check out their website: www.

Address: 4 Goodway Cuttings, Station Rd, Kenilworth, CV8 1JJ

Telephone: 01926 257364