Healing Energy of Hampton Wood

Hampton Wood, healing

Bill and I went on a bluebell walk recently.

A walk we have done many times over the years to Hampton Wood. It is a peaceful and tranquil place and on this occasion, we had it all to ourselves.

Seeing the carpet of bluebells through the trees looked mystical and magical. The haze of blue looked so beautiful and serene and the sounds of the birds singing in the trees created a wonderful soundscape. Each year I appreciate it as if it was the first time.

Louise Bates, Hampton Wood

The wood stands here all year round, in all weathers, through the winter, spring, summer and Autumn. Whatever is thrown at it, it stands strong and this thought reminded of the Mountain Meditation I learned while on my Mindfulness course. By becoming the Mountain in the meditation we can link with it’s strength and stability and adopt this energy for ourselves. The same can be said for Hampton Wood too.

The wood is beautiful and grounded as it experiences change from one moment to the next. It remains still as the seasons flow into one another and as the weather changes moment by moment and from day to night, the wood remains still and peaceful.

In any season, it may find itself at times pelted by freezing rain, or full of fog and mist, or baking in the summer sun, or damaged by strong winds. None of this matters to Hampton Wood as it always remains neutral. The beauty of this place is not changed one bit by whether people see it or not. Seen or not seen, in the clouds or in the sun, day or night, it just is, being itself. Through it all, it just sits in the landscape.

Spring comes, trees leaf out, flowers bloom and birds sing. Streams flow and Hampton Wood continues to just be. Through it all, Hampton Wood continues to sit unmoved by what happens on the surface, by the world of appearance, remaining its essential self, throughout all the seasons, the changing weather, the activity ebbing and flowing throughout the woods, all is well, always!

We encounter storms of different intensities in our outer world and in our own minds and bodies. We get buffeted by high winds and cold rain. We endure periods of darkness and pain as well as moments of joy and bliss. By becoming Hampton Wood, we can link with its strength and stability and adopt this way of being for ourselves. We can use its energies to support us too.

I am learning to embody the same centered, unwavering, stillness in the face of everything that life throws at me.

I look forward to my next walk through Hampton Wood.

Louise Bates, Bill Bates, Hampton Wood, Bluebell walk