Calpol, Lollies And The Placebo Effect

When my children were young they were always catching colds and sore throats and ear infections. Like all children, they experienced high temperatures, teething problems, chicken pox, tummy bugs and everything else that was going around at the time. Calpol was the secret remedy for everything and every household with small children had a bottle of Calpol at the ready!

I remember one particular day my daughter had an earache and slight high temperature. She was about 6 at the time. I raced to get the magic potion but to my horror found the Calpol bottle empty. It was a Sunday evening and everywhere was closed and I thought I was going to be in for a long night. Quick thinking I got a fruit flavoured lollypop from the treats tin and pretended to squeeze the last dregs of Calpol over the lolly. I gave this to my daughter and told her it was a Calpol lolly. Within 10 minutes she was running around and playing and her ear ache magically disappeared along with her slightly high temperature. She believed she had been given something to make her better so she felt better!

I used this lollipop tactic on both my children many times after this (but without any Calpol)  and it was amazing how often it worked. Because they believed they were having something to make them better, they got better. This is the placebo effect. It didn’t work every time and yes sometimes they needed a spoonful of Calpol but I only resorted to Calpol as a last resort.

The placebo effect is a fascinating subject and quite often I find it get talked about in a negative way.“Oh, it’s only a placebo”. If it works, it works! We may not understand what is happening in the body but appreciate something positive is happening.

The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon in which some people experience some type of health benefit after taking a substance with no known medical effects, such as sterile water or a sugar pill. A placebo is a fake treatment but in some cases it can produce a very real response. Expectation plays an important role in the placebo effect because the more a person expects the treatment to work, the more likely they will experience the placebo effect.

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and the images that you form in your mind influence how your body works. If you believe you are going to be ill, you will probably be ill and if you believe you are going to be healthy using positive thoughts, you will probably be healthy. Just as the old saying goes – you are what you think.

Your mind is a powerful tool which you can choose to use for your own well-being, whatever your health. Having an awareness of how you feel, physically or emotionally, is a critical aspect of self-healing.

I have just released a new Holistic Relaxation track called ‘Release your inner healer’. It is a guided relaxation which takes you on a journey to a secret healing room in your home. It has a comfortable bed and beautiful furniture and your favourite pictures are on the walls. The window has a perfect view and the decoration and colour of this room is just how you like it. In your secret room you will be gently guided to send love and gratitude to the various organs and systems in your body. This helps you to focus on seeing, feeling and experiencing the positive aspects which can lead to dynamic physical changes.

Allow your thoughts, emotions and images in your mind to affect your body in a positive way with the help of this guided relaxation. The track also contains subliminal messages of well-being.

Till the next time….

Love & light

Louise x