Did EFT Save My Life?

It started off as a perfect day. I was on holiday with Bill (my hubby) in North Devon and the weather, especially for late September, was amazing. We had been walking around the Valley of the rocks admiring the scenery and dramatic coastline and then we enjoyed a full English breakfast in the café. We had planned to explore Woody Bay to find the natural tidal pool we had read about through the wild swimming website. We knew it was going to be quite a climb down to the bay but we needed to work off our full English breakfast so we were prepared for the long haul down and back.

It took us about an hour to reach the bay and it was worth all the hard work. We had it completely to ourselves and we found the tidal pool, hurray! We stripped down to our swimming stuff and jumped in. It felt amazing. We spent about two hours swimming and messing about on the beach before starting the climb back up to the car.

It was hard work!

I could hear my chest wheezing and I could sense that Bill was worried. He commented on my noisy breathing but I always get wheezy whenever I do anything really strenuous so it was normal for me and I wasn’t that worried. I kept stopping to get my breath back and we trundled up the hill slowly. It took forever to get to the top but I must admit the sight of our car was an enormous relief.

I sat on a bench to recover and get my breath back when I noticed my chest starting to tighten. It felt like a belt had been tied across my chest and I just couldn’t breathe in. My lungs refused to work. I could breathe out no problem but breathing in seemed impossible. Suddenly I realised what a dangerous situation I was in.

We were in the middle of nowhere on a single track road and there was no phone reception. Was I having a panic attack or could this be an asthma attack? I had had a panic attack years ago and this did feel similar but not being able to breathe in is enough to make you panic.

EFT image

I knew that if I didn’t calm myself down the situation could just get worse. I started to feel really weird and shaky. My legs were like jelly and I thought I was going to die and this is just what a panic attack feels like.

I didn’t tell Bill how bad I felt but I could tell he was worried about my condition. We decided to drive back to Porlock where we were staying but we were on a single track road and we had to keep finding passing places to allow cars to pass and it seemed to take ages before Bill could really put his foot down.

I had to do something so I started using tapping therapy ( Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT)
to take control of the situation. This is a fantastic self help tool which helps to bring you back into balance. I tapped on myself repeating positive affirmations and it was a complete life saver. I could feel my body releasing the tension. Although my lungs were not working normally and my breathing sounded wheezy I felt I had control of the situation and I could manage my symptoms. This kept me going until we reached Porlock.

I did see a Doctor who put me on a nebuliser which opened up my lungs and what a relief that was I can tell you. He prescribed an inhaler and steroids (which fortunately I didn’t need to use) and he wanted to see me again the next day but as it happened we decided to come home. I saw my own Doctor the next day and she put me on the asthma register. Apparently, I will get an annual checkup and be offered the flu jab. Well, No Thank You! I am not going down that road.

I am going to use this experience to prove that the mind can heal the body. I am going to use homeopathy, Meta health, EFT and positive thinking.

I will go back for the annual check to show the Doctors that I am perfectly healthy. What a perfect opportunity for me to use all these amazing techniques that I have learned over the years on myself. Of course, I will be sensible and not put myself in danger but I am looking forward to the challenge of proving that I can heal myself. My goal is to be taken off the asthma register because I do not want to be energetically connected to the collective consciousness of this group.

Many years ago when I was first diagnosed with allergic rhinitis I was told that this could develop into asthma. I know that the unconscious mind hears and believes everything so maybe asthma was programmed into me all those years ago when I was told this. Well, I can just un-programme this. I have managed to recover from allergic rhinitis so I can do the same with asthma.

I am already working on how I feel about this, including my emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, images and anything else that comes up for me because this is what shapes my reality.

I am listening very carefully to my words and I have already noticed that I said “I always get wheezy whenever I do anything really strenuous so it was normal for me”

Time to change my thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and images to change my reality!

EFT was a life saver for me when I couldn’t get my breath. It allowed me to manage my symptoms and take control of a life threatening situation. It is the most amazing technique that without it I don’t know where I would be now.

It’s great to be alive

Love & light

Louise xx