Busy, Busy, Busy

rural landscape. Yellow rapeseed field in Latvia

Wow! I have been so busy over the last three months I just realised I have been neglecting my blog posts. I nearly forgot how to log in to my account its been so long.

Time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve been having loads of it over the last few months. Lots of changes have happened within my business, even changing my business name. I am now Heathcote Holistics. I have dropped the beauty side of my business and I am now concentrating on the complementary therapies and techniques that I practice.

I’ve been on yet another course –TimelineEFT learning more techniques to use with my EFT clients.

I have also been writing and recording another holistic relaxation CD called ‘Release your inner healer’. This CD helps you to concentrate on positive thoughts, emotions and images.

Your mind is a powerful tool which you can choose to use for your own well-being whatever your health.

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and the images that you form in your mind influence how your body works. If you believe you are going to be ill you will probably be ill and if you believe you are going to be healthy using positive thoughts you will probably be healthy.

Track one takes you on a journey to a secret healing room in your home. It has a comfortable bed and beautiful furniture and your favourite pictures are on the walls. The window has a perfect view and the decoration and colour of this room is just how you like it. In your secret room, you will be gently guided to send love and gratitude to the various organs and systems in your body. This helps you to focus on seeing, feeling and experiencing the positive aspects which can lead to dynamic physical changes.

Each track contains subliminal messages of well-being which can just be heard underneath the music. This is intentional for your unconscious mind to absorb.

Listening to this CD is as effective as practicing meditation. It helps you to bring your mind and body into a calm relaxed state, releasing endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals.

I am hoping to get it ready for Christmas.

Next year I aim to install a downloads page from my website for clients to have access to the Holistic Relaxation range of CD’s. Watch this space!

I still manage to make time for relaxation and this month I enjoyed an amazing Lava Shell Rescue Massage with my friend Karen Buckland. She works from a log cabin in her back garden in Southam. She is qualified in various therapies and I recommend them all. The Lava Shell Rescue Massage is an ingenious combination of heat and ice therapy. Check out her webpage here.

I hope you are finding the time to relax, especially this time of the year with the Christmas season nearly upon us. It is so important to take time out and chill out but if you find this difficult, then perhaps listening to a relaxation CD is just what you need. Check out the CD’s on my webpage.

Till the next time……..

Louise x