An Attitude Of Gratitude

From an early age our parents teach us to say “Thank you”, but having an attitude of gratitude is more than just saying “Thank you”.

As a child I sometimes said “Thank you”, out of fear of not being, or sounding polite. This was coming from a place of fear which is not healthy. When you are truly thankful you come from a place of kindness and gratitude, and you connect to the vibration of love.

Just saying “Thank you”, raises your vibration, but when you say these words and connect to the energy of gratitude and appreciation, this brings you into perfect alignment with the spiritual aspect of your being.

I was introduced to the mindset of an attitude of gratitude while I was on a meditation course a few years ago and it was one of the most life changing spiritual practises I experienced.

When I started incorporating an attitude of gratitude into my every day life I started to really notice the positives all around me. It helped me to put things into perspective and see any obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow.

Each day as I woke, I practiced being grateful for everything from waking up in a comfortable bed, grateful for the water in my taps, grateful for the food in my cupboards, grateful for the weather (whatever the weather), in fact, grateful for everything from the air that I breathed to the postman bringing the bills.

I was in constant contact with the universe feeling, thinking, sensing, knowing love, appreciation and gratitude. After about a week of being grateful for everything I started to feel an inner warmth. I felt happier in myself and much calmer, and I began to notice more magical moments. It was during this time that I experienced the most profound spiritual experience which I may one day share in my blog.

Showing appreciation for everything in my life from the moment I woke up in the morning until the moment I went to sleep at night completely changed my circumstances, situations and relationships. I became more aware of how many opportunities and possibilities there were for me and life became magical. I could feel myself changing energetically, and this has influenced every aspect of my life.

I do have to work at practising an attitude of gratitude consistently every day because sometimes life gets in the way and I forget. If I notice that I’ve gone a few days or even a few weeks and I’ve not practised it, I don’t beat myself up. It’s good to feel the contrast of practising and non practising, it’s what makes me feel alive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope it has inspired you to practise an attitude of gratitude. Communicate with the universe or God or the angels or mother earth or just with yourself and see the positives in everything. Experiment with it for a week and notice any changes within or around you. Good luck!

Love and light

Louise x