Dowsing is also known as divining and it can be used to get yes or no answers to questions (pendulums or rods are commonly used).


Dowsing is also used to locate ground water, gemstones, oil, gravesites, buried metals and many other objects and materials, as well as ley lines. I’ve used dowsing to help me find my car keys in the past and I always use my clear quartz pendulum when doing crystal therapy.

We all have the ability to access our intuitive capabilities through dowsing. It requires time, determination, trust and persistent practise but given these, success is guaranteed.

Dowsing works on the theory that every object, animate or inanimate, give off vibrations, and our expanded senses can feel and measure these energies. The subconscious, intuitive, or super-conscious mind is the recipient of this information which is always present around us. When we use a dowsing tool and connect to our subconscious, intuitive, or super-conscious mind, the muscles in our body affect the motion of the dowsing tool.

How to Dowse?

If using a pendulum, slightly arch your wrist with the chain clasped between the forefinger and thumb.

Swing the pendulum slightly before asking the pendulum “what’s my yes?” Allow the natural force to take over the motion and wait to see which way the pendulum swings. The pendulum may swing forwards, backwards, left or right or it may go round in circles clockwise or anti-clockwise.

When you feel confident that you have a definite movement, ask the pendulum “what’s my no?” The pendulum should swing in one direction for ‘yes’ and another for ‘no’.

Everyone is different and each persons pendulum may swing differently.

The pendulum itself does not give you the answers. It is the extension of your subconscious, intuitive, or super-conscious mind that affects the muscles in your body which in turn affect the way the pendulum swings.

If you choose to use dowsing rods, hold them gently, level with your elbows and walk around. If what you are looking for is in the immediate area the rods will cross over or swing outwards.

Again, it is not your rods giving you the answer. The rods become an extension of your subconscious, intuitive, or super-conscious mind which in turn affect the muscles in your body influencing how the rods behave.

With any dowsing it is important to start with simple questions about situations or conditions in which you are not emotionally attached to. Keeping yourself objective and detached to the outcome is one of the keys to your success.

Dowsing is great fun although when you first start it can feel quite wierd. I remember being quite spooked about it when I first started but there is nothing scary about dowsing.

It is a good idea to programme your dowsing tool and you can do this by holding it in you hands and closing your eyes. Tune into your dowsing tool and sit quietly for a while allowing your vibration to absorb into it. You can meditate while holding it or just put your intention into it with a few words such as …

“I work with my highest intention when dowsing with my pendulum or rods”.

I sell crystal dowsing pendulums for £6 which include a protective velvet pouch and an information sheet explaining how to use them.

I choose not to sell them on-line as I think it important to try pendulums out first and usually your pendulum chooses you. These pendulums can be viewed in my treatment room.

Why not try dowsing for yourself?

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Till the next time…lots of love…..

Louise x