Working from home

Joys Of Working From Home.

I do love being self employed and working from home. No grumpy bosses to contend with and I can take a day off or a holiday when I want to and not when some rota says I have to. No travelling through the morning and evening traffic jams or having to scrape ice of the car windscreen in the winter. Yes working from home has many benefits but occasionally things don’t always go to plan!

My treatment room is downstairs in my home and it is usually very quiet.

The other day I had a regular lady come for her monthly Reiki treatment. Reiki normally takes about an hour and I always create a lovely relaxing atmosphere with candles, music and soft lighting to enhance the session. The room was laid out perfectly, energetically cleansed and I was all prepared for a lovely treatment.

Just as the treatment started there was a loud banging on the front door. It was the postman with a parcel for next door and ‘could I keep it for them because there was no-one in’?

I soon got back into the flow of the treatment when the window cleaner arrived. He clambered up his noisy metal ladders while whistling a happy tune and then vigorously started cleaning the windows. Well there was nothing I could do about that so I ignored this and concentrated on my reiki treatment. Five minutes later, BANG BANG BANG on the front door. The window cleaner wanted paying. I tried not the throw the money at him!

I once again continued with the treatment thinking ‘peace at last’ when the local fire brigade, 2 ambulances and 3 police cars went racing past the house with their sirens blazing! What could possibly happen next?

Well it was just one of those days! Less than 5 minutes later my 22 year old who was trying to be very quiet coming down the stairs, slipped and tumbled to the bottom, very noisily! Fortunately he was fine but he couldn’t fall quietly could he?

He then went into the kitchen and started to cook himself a full English breakfast and it wasn’t long before the smell of bacon and eggs started to waft into my treatment room. Now most people love the smell of bacon and eggs but not while you are enjoying a reiki treatment. The smell was so appetising my stomach started rumbling. Very embarrassing! What else could possibly happen in the space of this hour long treatment?

Not long after the lovely smell of bacon, came the smell of burning, followed quickly by the fire alarm. My son had managed to burn his breakfast setting the fire alarm off in the kitchen!

At the end of the treatment I apologised to my client for all the noises and disturbances but she had been completely relaxed and unaware of all the commotion. She thought it was funny when I explained all the different things that had happened and that I should write about it in my blog. So here it is!

I suppose even the poshest Spa’s and the fanciest treatment rooms in the country have their off moments as well. Fortunately the rest of the day ran smoothly.

Till the next time.
lots of love
louise X