Creative Recuperation

During March I went into hospital to have an operation. It was nothing serious but I was told to take things easy for a while and not to drive for four weeks. Well, being self employed makes taking time off work very difficult and it felt frustrating having to turn clients away. Fortunately, I have contacts with some amazing therapists locally so I was able to pass clients on to them.

I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason and taking time off from my usual routine as a Therapist gave me the opportunity to do something different.

A few years ago I recorded a relaxation CD which I sell on my web site. I had wanted to record others but I never seemed to make the time to sit down and write them. Well, during this time of recuperation I felt guided to put pen to paper and I started to write a relaxation piece. It always amazes me how the mind downloads information and ideas when you are in the flow. Once I got going it was like the flood gates opened and I couldn’t stop writing. I felt excited and energised and it wasn’t long before I had six different relaxation scripts ready to record. My passion and enthusiasm for getting them onto paper played a big part in my healing process. I could almost feel those endorphins; the body’s feel good hormones, washing through me as I worked away.

I was even dreaming about the whole process in my sleep. In one dream I could see the finished CD’s in their packaging and each CD had a crystal and I knew intuitively which crystal to put with each CD.

We are very fortunate to have a music room with professional quality recording equipment and it was great to get them recorded onto CD’s and the recording process was just as enjoyable.

Each CD is designed to calm your mind and body connecting you to your inner stillness and each one begins with soothing music allowing your body to settle down. After a few minutes of calming music you will hear my voice talking to you. I will take you on a relaxing journey were you will connect with your inner peace. A different crystal is included with each CD.

Relaxation is perhaps the most important key to health and well-being and when we are completely relaxed our own natural healing mechanism is more active. The physical and mental benefits are immense and it is well known that relaxation can improve sleep patterns, decrease stress levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, combat anxiety and depression, and improve memory and concentration. Other benefits include increased confidence and self esteem and relaxation can even help with pain relief.

I’ve had so much fun this month with the whole process, although, I don’t feel like I’m finished yet! I know I have a least two more to write because they are tapping away in my head.
The first six CD’s will hopefully be ready for sale next month and I am hoping to make one free to download from my website, when I figure out how to do that! Watch this space!

Hope you enjoyed this months blog.
lots of love
Louise x