Prickly News

I have always had a soft spot for hedgehogs. Like me, hedgehogs are small but powerfully built, soft underneath but with a prickly side to them, (especially when I haven’t waxed for a while). They like spending time in the garden and like to sleep a lot, so when I had the opportunity to train to become a Hedgehog carer I jumped at the chance.

The course was not meant for the faint hearted as it consisted of learning how to inject fluids and watching a hedgehog post mortem. It was fascinating to learn about all the different diseases and problems hedgehogs get and how to help them and they need all the help that they can get.

10 years ago it was recorded that there were 30 million hedgehogs in the UK but those numbers have since reduced to 10 million. A large number get killed on our roads each year, but they can also get easily caught up in things such as wire, string or elastic bands, which can lead to infection or possibly even death.

My training course took place at Vale Wild Life Centre and Rehabilitation Hospital and my goodness me there are some amazing people there doing some amazing work with our wild life. If you get the chance check out the website www.valewildlife.org.uk/

My family and friends think I am absolutely bonkers and sometimes I wonder if they are right. My life is already full with my beauty and holistic business, playing in a band and family commitments, but sometimes you have to do what feels right.

Lots of love Louise x